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Down East Coast Action Pistol (DECAP)

Action pistol is a fast paced, dynamic sport that tests a shooter’s ability to move and shoot accurately and quickly while being timed.  Matches have several scenarios (or stages) the competitor must complete, with some being “classifiers” which determine the shooter’s overall ranking.  The high score is determined by dividing the numerical target score by the time, resulting in a “hit factor”.

In 2019, after many years of holding unsanctioned action pistol matches, under the leadership of CRSO Skip Sprague, PRFGCA became affiliated with the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and is now holding monthly Level 1 sanctioned  matches.  Several of our members have become certified Range Officers through the National Range Officers Institute as a result of this affiliation.  Further, due to the popularity of this sport, our ongoing range development program efforts will be concentrated in this area.

Matches are open to the public and shooters of all levels are welcome.  We encourage beginners to come and observe a match before participating.  Match dates are listed on the club calendar and announced in our monthly e-mail updates.

Competitors can sign up online at, look for DECAP matches.

Come join the fun!

For More Information:

Contact Skip at 207-610-9109, or Larry at 207-497-5621, or

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