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Shotgun Sports

Our shotgun sport facilities are open to the public throughout the year (weather permitting).

Clays: Every Friday at 1 PM during Daylight Savings Time and 10:00 AM during Eastern Daylight Time.

Skeet: Wednesdays at 10:00 AM

Price: The cost for everyone is $5.00 per round for 25 targets.  Limited ammo is available for purchase.

Events: There are two registered events each year - check our events calendar for dates.

Trap Shooting

Targets are launched from a single house, traveling away from the shooter.  Five shots are fired from each of the five positions for a total of 25 shots per round.

Skeet Shooting

Targets are launched from two houses (low house and high house) in sideways paths that cross in front of the shooter.  A round of skeet includes both single and double target launches.  Shooters fire 25 shots each round as they move through the various shooting positions.  Modern Skeet (targets are randomly launched at varying heights) is available.  Our skeet range is a National Skeet Shooting Association certified field. 

Sporting Clays

This is a more complex course, with many launch points and offers the closest approximation to an in-the-field hunting scenario. Our sporting clays course is in the “five stand” format, where shooters alternate between five positions while shooting at targets.  Our course has 9 throwing stations.

For more information, please contact Joe DePasquale,

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