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Maybe you feel a bit daunted by action pistol? Don’t have the high-end rifle for benchrest? Price point of a Perazzi keeping you out of sporting clays? Well, now we have you covered! These courses of fire can be shot with ANY non-magnum pistol caliber firearm including .22LR. Get grandma’s squirrel rifle out of the closet if that’s all you’ve got!

There is no movement, so folks who might have mobility issues are on even ground, and any youngster who can safely handle a firearm can participate. Just the same, the courses of fire are quick and challenging enough to keep things fun.

Steel Challenge Competitions at PRFGCA

Steel Challenge competition is a great way to get started in shooting sports. It's an excellent place for beginners because the rules and targets are simple, and movement is not a significant factor.

Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) is often just referred to as Steel Challenge. It's a speed shooting competition that has simple rules and stages, which makes it an easy event for first-time shooters.

When you come to a Steel Challenge match, it's not just about the guns. You'll see people of all ages having fun with others as they compete in this friendly competition that has something for everyone!

Steel Challenge works to make you the best shooter possible through a competition format that challenges your grip, stance, trigger control, and seeing sights at speed. The farthest target is thirty-five yards, and most targets are seventeen to twenty yards out, making it suitable for beginners and experts.


Our matches usually consist of (5) stages of four targets and a stop plate. Each stage is shot 5 times (strings) best 4  are added for lowest combined score. This equates to a high round count of at least 125 IF you are perfect and don’t miss…. most of us bring plenty more.

Firearms, The Best Part!

  • Any .22 cal(rimfire) pistol, rifle, carbine
  • Center fire pistols (non magnum loads only)
  • Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC)  9mm, 40, 45
  • Iron sights, red dots, scopes


Typical matches will start at 8:30 a.m. with a safety briefing, first shots at 9 a.m. Please plan on being there ready to go by the safety meeting, we’ll be shooting for 3-4 hrs with a lunch afterwards.


When you arrive, all stages will be setup and ready to go, and the RO’s (range safety officers)  will be finalizing the course. You can walk through and check the stages beforehand, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO FIREARMS until directed to do so by an RO and the safety briefing.

Please be mindful that a lot of work his gone into this beforehand and any help afterwards (tearing down)  is greatly appreciated .


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