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Blackfly Blitz

May 14, 2022 (past event)

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The 2022 Frozen Mosin/ Blackfly Blitz Shoot will take place Saturday, May 14th at 9am to 4pm, with a rain date of Sunday the 15th, at PRFGCA, 1597 Tibbettstown Rd., Columbia, Maine.
Boris the Blackfly and his many friends have fixed bayonets and are ready to rock and roll to defeat the COVID menace!

Remember, the gate opens to the public for sign-ins at 09:00, safety briefing at 09:45, matches begin at 10:00. Shoot fee is $10.00, which includes lunch. Yes there will be borscht, as well as some other home made goodies and our inimitable  hot dogs prepared by none other than chef Bob Jones and his able staff. Those with a dish they would like to share are encouraged to bring it. We will be observing current best practice for food service and seating.  Non-shooting spectators may buy lunch for $5.00.

We’ll have a limited amount of 7.62x54R and 8x57 Mauser ammo on hand for those who might be in need. Anyone who has ammo they’d like to sell to help fellow shooters out is encouraged to bring it.

All shooters are expected to be familiar with their weapon with safety being the main concern.

As always, we’ll have the coolest t-shirts available, one of a kind for this event only, featuring Boris the Blackfly, bayonet fixed on his Mosin, stickin’ it to a coronavirus as rendered by our resident artist, Rick Henion. Not to be missed! Regular t-shirts will be $15.00 each, and we’ll have a very limited quantity of pocket t-shirts at $20.00 each.
     Courses of fire:

100 yard match. Five rounds each, standing, sitting or kneeling, and prone, for a total of fifteen rounds. Classes will include Vintage Rifles (pre 1947, iron sights), Scoped Vintage, Modern Sporting Rifle iron sight, and Modern Sporting Rifle scoped. Those who for whatever reason are not able to do position shooting will be scored in a bench category. Shooters may only compete once per class, but may shoot in multiple classes.
 Rapidfire match: ten rounds at 25 yards off hand, competitors will be scored in bolt action and semi-auto categories. Time and numerical score will be combined for a total “hit factor”.
200 hundred yard gong match. Competitors will fire off hand at an 8” diameter gong. Shooter with the most consecutive hits wins. Entry fee $2.00 per attempt, try as many times as you like. At the end of the match shooter takes home half the pot!
Drag racing returns, with competitors shooting clay pigeons on the fifty yard berm. Two competitors will shoot against each other, first to clear three targets moves on to the next round, until all other shooters are eliminated. Entry fee TBD, but the winner always walks away with a healthy prize on this one!

This is truly the most unusual shooting event in the Northeast.  Don’t miss out!

                       Questions, comments, threats, and insults can be directed to Larry,

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