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2024 22LR Benchrest Matches

April 20th 9am 50yd  ***  This date has been cancelled.  ***
May 18th 9am 50yd
June 22th 9am 50yd
July 27th 9am 50yd
August 17th 9am 50yd
September 14th 9am 50yd + 200yd
October 12th 9am 50-yd

22LR Benchrest Competition Rules


Rimfire Benchrest is a fun, challenging and exciting way to compete without the high cost of centerfire ammunition. This event is a club sanctioned, fun and friendly competition geared for all ages and experience levels.

All rifles must have bolts removed or chamber flags in place at all times when not engaged in active competition and prior to removal from the firing line.  When target crew is downrange, no rifles will be allowed on benches.

Sign in for matches begins at 8:45am and first relay will begin at 9:00am. There will be a (5) minute preparation period before each relay and a (25) minute time period given to shoot (25) rounds with unlimited sighters for score. Please refrain from loud talk or noise on or around the firing line during a match.


Any safe rifle chambered in .22lr may be used. There are no weight limits or dimensional restrictions to barrels or stocks. All rifles will be scored together whether custom or factory.


Iron Sights – Any rifle equipped with Open/Iron sights will compete in the Iron Sight Class. No magnification device is permitted on the rifle. The NRA 50 yard smallbore target will be used.

Scope Sights – Any rifle equipped with a Scope optic will compete in the Scope Sight Class. There are no restrictions on scope power. The IBS 50 yard rimfire target will be used.


Wind Flags – Wind flags may be used.

Rests – Any rest may be used to shoot from the bench. One piece rests, separate front and rear rests or sandbags may be used so long as they are not affixed to the bench in an immovable manner.

Benches – Drawing for bench and relay is required when space is limited. The cost is $5 per relay. A maximum of (4) relays will be run on a match day.

Watch a YouTube video on this page about this activity.


2023 Benchrest Results

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For more information, please contact Dave Klausmeyer at (207) 546-6600 or email at

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