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Frozen Mosin

02/17/24 (past event)

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The Frozen Mosin shoot is back for 2024!

Join us on Saturday, Feb. 17, as once again we host “The most unusual shooting event in the Northeast”.

Only fifteen bucks, your last chance to beat inflation! It would cost more to stay home!

Gate opens at 9:00, safety briefing at 09:45, matches start at 10:00.

(Rain date Feb. 18)

Fifteen dollar entry fee includes borscht, black bread or hotdogs for lunch.  Feel free to bring your favorite dish.

Events include: 100 yard rifle match, 25 yard rapid-fire match, 200 yard off-hand gong shoot & surprise matches.

Once again we’ll have some end-of-the-day surprise matches, your opportunity to win fame and fortune, not to be missed!

As always, we'll have the coolest t-shirts available, one-of-a-kind for this event only, will be $15.00 each.

Providing some clarification on the upcoming Frozen Mosin event at the club. 

Frozen Mosins isn’t Mosins only. We shoot and score in several classes for the 100 yard match as follows:

1.) Mosin class: Basically as issued Mosin Nagant rifles. We’ve been lenient in the past with Mojo sights and will allow them.

2.) General military rifles: All other military type rifles with iron sights. From Mausers to ARs, run what ya bring.

3.) Optics: All scoped/optic rifles.

4.) Youth: Aged 16 and younger, though they are welcome to be scored with adults if they can shoot to that level.

5.) Bench: We recognize that not everyone is physically capable of position shooting. In this class one shoots the course of fire from the bench using the support arm as a rest.

6.) Ladies: Women may opt for ladies only scoring, entirely at their discretion.

The gong shoot is run what ya brung.
The rapid fire match is scored by semi-auto and bolt action.
The surprise matches are just that, but basically if you brought a rifle you’re in.

Questions?   207-497-5621

Join the PRF&GCA club during the event, and we will waive our $35 initiation fee!

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